“We believe the World is one big family and we need to help each other”.

Eliminating poverty is complicated precisely because of the wide range of issues that need to be addressed all at once.

Consequently, Mwangaza Bidii Project believes that the best way to address problems is to bring together people’s organizations and institutions so that to build long-term partnership base and to pool their knowledge, skills, resources and work together in order to have an impact on poverty eradication.


That is why Mwangaza-Bidii Project core ethos is “partnership as mutual learning and sharing development”; this is the basis to all of our development work. We aim to invest in and harness infrastructure that already exist, not to replicate them.

More so, through partnership, we network, share and discuss ideas.



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Thus, we are passionate about social change and community services, to network with like-minded individuals and find possible roles and solutions in developing the world.”