The picture tells that; “We value the benefits of being ourselves in voluntarism”.

(See attached doc below)

How you can volunteer;

 You can choose up to 5 or more activities.

(If you could have an additional help, please feel free to include)

  • PR/Social Media.
  • Consulting/coaching.
  • Crafting/gardening.
  • Doing sports.
  • Group care.
  • Helping in the household.
  • Nursing/parenting.
  • Office work.
  • Organizing/managing.
  • Painting/designing.
  • Tutoring/reading.
  • Visiting/accompanying.
  • Writing/translating.

Here are volunteer opportunities. Causes that we need volunteers are as follows;

 You can choose up to 5 or more causes.

(If you could have an additional cause, please feel free to include) 

  • Environmental conservation.
  • Economic Empowerment.
  • Sports activities.
  • Disabled persons.
  • Orphaned and vulnerable children (OVC’s)/Education with other basic needs.
  • Agriculture/Farming
  • Culture cultural heritage preservation /Arts/Filming/Photography.
  • Female Genital Mutilation (F.G.M)/Anti-Abortion.
  • Early girl child marriage/Sexual Violence/Harassment.
  • Labor Rights.
  • Road safety awareness.
  • Scholarship Program (Study abroad), Internships and careers/jobs. (For the needy and bright students/pupils).
  • Peace and Collaborative Development.
  • Widowed and young single mothers.
  • Conflicts and Resolutions/Anti-Terrorism.
  • Domestic/Gender violence.
  • Human Trafficking (Modern Slavery).
  • Human Rights/Civil Rights/Social Actions/Services /Labor Rights/ Social sustainability.
  • Social justice/Ant-bullying in schools.
  • Animal Rights/Wildlife/Welfare.
  • Gender Equality (Non-Intimidation)/Racism.
  • Poverty eradication/Community development/ sustainable developments.
  • Child labor/forced/abuse and exploitation//Child Rights
  • Commercial sex workers and prostitution.
  • (Creating awareness/but not funding) Peaceful campaigns and fair elections/Freedom of Expression.
  • Prisoners and remandees rights. (They are people too and they deserve;
    • Fair judgment.
    • – Fair trial.
    • – Provision of basic necessities.
    • – Counseling before and after the release.
    • – Job/careers and courses creation, resettling with their families/community’s (Reconnection.) 
  • Homeliness and street families.
  • Eradication of Violence and crime through mentorship/Counseling.
  • Alcoholics, Smokers and Drug abusers.
  • Veterans/Elderly/The sick.
  • Medical health/Diseases (For the needy).
  • Natural disasters/ Humanitarian aid/Emergencies Accidents.
  • Refugees and Immigrants.
  • Nurturing Talents.
  • Ethical Traveling/Tourism Industry (promote tourism, eradicating poaching and sex tourism.)
  • Development cooperation.
  • Senior/Elderly people.
  • Local help/Socially deprived.

The following category below will be good to volunteer with us: 

  • Professional Audience (i.e., in the field of Non-profit industry, project management, mentors, doctors, lecturers, etc.
  • School groups.
  • Fundraising groups i.e., for performing events in fundraising drive/live performing
  • Philanthropist, song artist’s celebrities, sports celebs etc.
  • Large/small groups.
  • Writers (Academic).
  • Motivational/Inspirational speakers.
  • Translators (languages).
  • Travel bloggers.
  • Multilingual’s/bilinguals.
  • Other/s.

Recommended clothing and equipment are as follows;

  • Descent/casual cladding/clothing.
  • Several clothes for changing.
  • Comfortable closed shoes for walking.
  • Saddles and open shoes.
  • Hat/cap.
  • Light  T-shirts/shirts.
  • Sunglasses/goggles.
  • Backpack (it’s a bag with shoulder straps that allows it to be carried on one’s back), a laptop if one would wish, Sunscreen lotion, body lotions.
  • Warm clothes.
  • Writing materials.
  • Other/s.

Voluntarism will be given in the following languages:

English, French, Ki-Swahili, other/s.


 Currently we have no testimonials since we have not yet received any visitor(s). Otherwise, we will start collecting them in future tours and share with you once we start getting visitors.

One can book for a volunteer help on appointment or any day.

Mwangaza Bidii Project and Ethical Traveling Volunteering Topic would like to discuss and focus on volunteers and donors themselves.

·       How can they ensure that they have a rewarding and enjoyable experience whilst also giving something positive back in the place where they volunteer?

·       Why are you volunteering and how do you choose a placement which suits you?

  • Why do you want to volunteer with us?

·       What makes a volunteering organization ‘ethical’?

·       What are the questions that you should/will ask to ensure you volunteer with the right people and project?

  • Which skills do you have?

·       What should you expect from our ethical volunteering organization?

·       What training and support would you like to be given?

·       What are some exciting things you might volunteer to do?

Here is a described volunteering opportunity in detail;

·       Our volunteer opportunity is all about coming to work with us and sharing ideas.

·       By this, there will be an increase social service program space, network, visit and learn from one another.

·       A volunteer should at least have a certain skill in order to expand our organizations horizons. 

·       We require and welcome volunteers regularly/long term.

·       Start and end time to volunteer is flexible, (morning/afternoon/evening).

·       Location where we will need help from the volunteers is Githurai and it’s in a fixed and independent location.

·       Donations or in-kind contributions or else both of will be welcomed.

·       Tours to visit places can be offered from one’s request during one’s free time.

·       No language restrictions. All will be welcomed!

·       Duration/period of stay will depend from one’s wish.

Note that;

There will be reimbursement for the volunteers (who might come from far) that is;

–         Travel costs.

–         Food.

–         Accommodation.

–         Other/s.




“The heart of a volunteer while traveling is never measured in size, but the depth of commitment to make a difference in the lives of others.”