“Education is the most powerful weapon

                                                                   which you can use to

                                                                      change the world.” 



During third term in the year (2023), our children performed extremely

   well in their academic work and this made us proud and

motivated to invest and have hope in them.


“A child miseducated is a child lost”

Our Mission:

To give the less fortunate children (orphaned and vulnerable children/OVC’s) hope and joy for a brighter future.

Our Vision:

To reach to the community by providing a contemporary Children’s Home facility for the benefit of the less fortunate. Giving the children an experience of God’s unending love and the advantage of a loving family unit.

Our Goal:

To provide a nurturing, active, and challenging environment that encourages curiosity, active learning, values, problem solving, language development, and a positive self-image.


Our children:

(You can click a photo for a more clear view)


Who we are

Where education is the key, every child deserves a good education regardless of their background. There is need to help the poverty stricken, orphaned and abandoned children.

We want them to realize their educational goals, the importance of getting education and the importance of setting and achieving their dreams.

These children are bright and responsible and given the opportunity, they could excel and become valuable assets to their communities, the country and the world at large. Hence, let us give them hope and the chance to be all they can be.

The objective of the center is to promote education, protection and care for the children who are orphans, vulnerable and less fortune.

This will enable them to achieve life goals like other children and not get discouraged in life. In addition, establish and maintain an institution that will nurture for them to have equal opportunity in the community.

More so, children are often the first to feel the effects on poverty. As they struggle for economic security, families often resort to strategies that have negative implication for children.

Children may be forced to go hungry and unable to concentrate with their studies, leave school to earn an income or work in hazardous conditions. Girls may also be forced to marry young to ensure financial security for their families.

To this end, we want to meet the following needs to make a lasting change and will put a smile on a child’s face on their way to realizing their full potential, enriching their lives with hope and instilling the hope of a better and brighter future.

The center itself is known as Everlasting Glory Children’s Learning Centre.

So, in order to accomplish this mission, we require;

  • To build modern classrooms, an office and a staff room
  • Build sanitation facilities
  • Stationary, desks and tables
  • Feeding program
  • Install piped water/tap water
  • Installation of a water storage Tank
  • Gutters for rain water harvesting
  • Uniforms’ and school bags
  • Cloths
  • Sanitary Towels/Pads
  • Sleeping Quarters
  • Beds and Beddings
  • Mosquito Nets(Treated)


 “We are committed to helping child education/rights for children are a heritage from the Lord since they deserve the best. We want to inspire them through education/basic needs and memorable experiences to live their dreams.”