“Giving is the greatest act of Grace.”

 Make a donation of which will be very vital to our noble and worthy work. 

We Welcome All Contributions Of Any Amount!

Become a member or a proud sponsor. Give to end poverty. Give to provide opportunity.

What your donations means – Each donation makes a difference – Be a difference maker.

Every single contribution makes us one-step closer to reaching our goals. We will thank all our supporters and sponsors in advance for their contribution and participation in this project because with you, this noble and worthy cause will be possible and become a reality.

All financial cash donations and (in-kind contributions that is; goods, services, and transactions not involving money) that will be made through this programs will be used solely to advance the vision, mission and goals of the Mwangaza Bidii Project and will make this dream a reality.

As with time, you will still be a meaningful part of our funding drive by helping us to connect with individuals and organizations who are aligned with our purpose, and who would be in a position to help us meet our financial needs. If you help us make those introductions, our entire community will be grateful for the support.

As we move forward, we would like to build our relationship, so let us stay in contact. We never know where meaningful collaboration can take us to, or when those opportunities might become more concrete. What we do know however, is that our project is part of an important and much broader change movement, where communities worldwide are organizing to provide themselves a better and more sustainable future. We can all learn from each other’s work as we share this journey.

Thus, every donation, however large or small will have a lasting impact in our work.

Please make your donations through:

  • Western Union
  • Money gram
  • Postal Order
  • Money Order
  • Cheque
  • info@mwangazabidiiproject.org/PayPal

  Mobile Banking;

  • https://www.skrill.com
  • https://worldremit.com
  • https://transfergalaxy.com
  • https://www.xendpay.com
  • http://www.skyforexuk.com

 (Mobile phone Number: +254 (0) 713 183 076)



Bank Name: Equity Bank Limited (Kenya)


Bank Branch Name: Equity Bank Githurai Branch, Githurai

Routing Code/ (5-Digit Branch Code): 68071

Account Number: 0710193634496

You Can Make a Difference!

We are grateful that you have decided to support Mwangaza Bidii Project work in social developments. We invite you to become part of our extended community by supporting our programs through in cash gifts or in-kind gifts.

We welcome donations and contributions coming from private individuals, corporations, charitable organizations, churches, companies, religious organizations, Institutions, philanthropists, community sponsorship’s and other well-wishers to our programs and operations thus striving to manage our budget in the cost-effective manner possible.

Monetary, (In kind-gifts – contributions of goods or services) enable us to direct our programs. Hence, this will enable our projects/programs to achieve their objectives/goals, visions and missions.


  • Generous individual and fundraising groups  donations.
  • Fundraising events.
  • Grant Proposal writing.
  • Grants or Contributions.
  • Community Sponsorship.

Grants or Contributions:

Are donations for programs, operating support or defined community projects.

Community Sponsorship’s:

Are civic and community activities that are underwritten to raise money for nonprofit organizations or other charitable causes. Events may include benefit dinners, galas, breakfast, luncheons, and other activities that are event driven.

“Whoever is kind to the needy Honors’ God.”   

“It’s not how much we give but how much love we put into giving, truly, this is a practical way to help people out of poverty and pursue their dreams.”


“Good financial stewardship requires good accounting. We hold money in trust for our supporters and for the intended beneficiaries with responsibility to adhere to financial accountability, procedures to ensure value for our sponsors and to project participants.”