“All play without work makes Jack a dull boy.”

Our Vision:

To improve the provision of sports opportunities and sports development programs for young people so as to develop sporting skills, life skills and to encourage social interaction.

Our Mission:

To address the key social challenges through training, peer development and by increasing access to information so that one develops self-confidence and becomes a role model and a leader in his/her community through sports.

Our Goal:

To promote a more holistic and inclusive community by providing sport, physical activity, and recreation opportunities for under-served populations.




Who we are:

Githurai Community Organization Sports Initiative is a community youth sports program aimed at addressing the involvement of youths and children in sports. The program targets both genders.

The categories fall under this order of years;

  • Under 10
  • Under 12
  • Under 14
  • Under 16
  • And over 16 years

This community sports initiative complements and enhances the current youth and children within Githurai and after the duration of some time, we host tournaments or else invited to other locations. Teams/players should feel free (and are encouraged) to travel to other areas for competitions.

The experience has shown the importance of working not just with the children and the youth themselves, but also with their family and community in order to effectively address the various issues that would lead them from free of negative behaviors’.

Having a surplus of idle time on their hands would lead to a higher possibility of them spending time on the streets where they are vulnerable to substance abuse, prostitution and spread of HIV/AIDS, begging and crime often at the instigation of older children or adult criminals.

Thus, the playing field provides a secure environment where children and the youth can openly discuss issues of concern.

Hence, we embrace value-based sports as a strategy that is accommodative, educative and entertaining to the children and youth of Githurai by discovering, nurturing, protecting and promoting talents and abilities to building a healthy and safe community to live and work in.

Why football?

Football is an integral part of most local cultures across the world.

It conveys a positive feeling that can bring smiles to people’s faces even in the worst of circumstances. In most places, simply arriving at a field with a football will win you instant friendships and immediate access into a local community. Football teams and leagues are ubiquitous structures in even the most impoverished areas.

More so, sports and recreation can directly or indirectly influence a number of other areas of social concern such as crime, self-harm, violence, social cohesion and gender-neutral.

Subsequently, Githurai-Kimbo Sports can only survive and grow through the efforts of those who support us. Funding will allow us to effectively put this in place and meet the needs.

 So, in order to accomplish this mission, we require;

  • Balls
  • Goal Posts and nets
  • Whistles
  • Coaches
  • First Aiders
  • Referees
  • First Aid Kits
  • Cones
  • Uniforms
  • Leather Shoes
  • Socks
  • Peer Educators
  • Corner Flags
  • White Chalks
  • Bibs
  • Linesman Flags

“The sports community is a key partner in reaching out to young men and women weather in the village, town or globally.”