We work together to break the cycle of poverty by empowering the community through transforming lives.

Mwangaza Bidii Project imagines “Our history is preserved, our Youth is nurtured, our Women are empowered, our Civil Rights are protected, and our Future is bright.” 

        . . .We are truly the change we want and wish to see in  this  world.



To ensure that marginalized house holds are able to meet their basic needs, achieve their rights and manage their developments.


We are informed by a vision for change. We envision a village in which no-one lives in poverty, fear or oppression, justice, democracy and rights; in which all have access to a decent standard of living, the opportunities and chances essential to a long, healthy and creative; and in which everyone is treated with dignity and respect.

Our MISSION:                                        

To help community members living in extreme poverty achieve major improvements in their lives that will last and spread without ongoing support from our platform.


The core values that define Mwangaza-Bidii Project and its approach to long term developments are based upon on to respond quickly, creatively and effectively to people in need.


To facilitate to individuals and groups to ensure greatest impact on the ground. This facilitation is a key component on how we operate.


Mwangaza-Bidii Project platform is dedicated to creating change through hard work. This is why we love grassroots organizing, you find the people most dedicated to our cause and with their help. Thus, we make a huge difference through serving the unde-served.


Community Service and Development work.

“We believe in development as a process which occurs in people, proceeds at their pace and is achieved, not given. Our concern for gender and social equity is carrying out our work that demonstrates our adherence to this value.”