Disability is not Inability.”

 Our Vision:

To create a world in which disabled persons are embraced and empowered by a community that models the love of Christ.

Our Mission:

To mobilize people and resources to embrace and empower disabled persons from a life of abuse, hopelessness and rejection.

Our Goal:

To protect the rights of all individuals with disabilities.




Who we are:

Githurai Community Projects recognizes all rights, equality, actively promoting identification, justice, the inclusion of persons with intellectual disabilities and that their families are respected and realized.

In response to these findings, we decided to come up with a home of peace for the disabled in order to show them love and this has helped them to realize that they are part of the community, realize and use their talents and create awareness to the community that disability is not inability.

They have various kinds and levels of disabilities ranging from i.e., Autistic, Retarded growth, Partial deaf, Cerebral palsy, mentally retarded, Muscular dystrophy, and Down syndrome.

We advance the civil and human rights of people with disabilities through legal advocacy, training, education, public policy and legislative development.

The center itself is known as Real-Love Centre.



We work to replace this legacy with the core principles of equality of opportunity, disability accommodation, accessibility and inclusion by employing the following strategies;

  • We train and educate people with disabilities and parents of children and adults with disabilities about their rights so that they can use the laws as tools to challenge exclusion and discrimination and advocate effectively for full participation in the lives of their communities.
  • To stimulate and strengthen the community-based response to the needs of disabled persons.
  • To work with communities to define needs and identify disabled persons and households.
  • They are carefully observed in order to know vividly the types of problems they have.
  • They are placed in various grades depending on how much time they have been in the center. The grouping is done in order to enable teachers and other social workers to attend to each group more effectively.

However, lack of equipment’s and materials and other necessities has continued to hamper better delivery of services to these disabled persons.


So, in order to accomplish this mission, we require;

  • Build sanitation facilities.
  • A house/rooms with enough compound.
  • Feeding program.
  • Install piped/tap water.
  • Installation of a water storage tank.
  • Gutters for harvesting rainwater.
  • Sanitary Towels/Pads.
  • Hearing devices for the Deaf.
  • White (Walking) Canes for the Blinds.
  • Wheel Chairs.
  • Braille Machines.
  • Crutches.
  • Sleeping Quarters/Beds and Beddings.
  • Rails.
  • Walkers.
  • Toys.
  • Therapy materials.
  • Mosquito Nets (Treated).
  • Wheel Balance.
  • Vocational Training Materials i.e., brails/Yoga teachers. 



 “Real-Love Centre is just a place where people with disabilities live full and independent lives free from discrimination. Protecting and respecting the rights of people with disabilities.”